Interaction and Knowledge

game-based learning, gbl, applied game design, mobile game design, serious game design summer school, gbl for project management, gbl for sport trainers, game design for teaching, e-learning and mobile learning, gamification in workplace, learning in virtual worlds, learning to change, change learning

Projects: Serious Sports, Serious Game Design Summer School, Avatar, Avatar II, Green Games, Engage, VIPA, Jam Today, DIAMANT, VIZARD, GREAT

Interaction and Experience

Interactive installations, digital experience, experience design, interactive exhibitions, exhibition design

Projects: Fortune Table, Heath Perception Lab, Intensive Programe Mobility in the year 2050, SCALEX, Con_Genetic, VisionSpace

Simulation and Augmented Reality

Simulation, 3D animation, augmented reality, learning simulation, real world interfaces, mixed reality simulation, workplace and low risk training, experiential learning, virtual welding, virtual saw simulation, fire extinguisher simulation

Projects: Fronius, Virtuelles Mikroskop, KWB, Ecomaster, Haslerhaus, Palfinger


Concepts and Narratives

communication design, branding, exhibition design, storytelling, narrative concepts

Projects: LA21 Summit, Kinderfreunde Steiermark, UNESCO-Informationszentrum Regensburg, Besucherinnenzentrum GEOPARK KARNISCHE ALPEN, Grüne Akademie, Lebenshilfe, SOS Kinderdorf, Frauenhaus, Diagonale Dokumentation, Züco – Vorläufer, Gutes vom Bauernhof / Landwirschaftskammer, Liebherr Industries

Evaluation Frameworks

eye tracking, evaluation of user experience, user interaction, user perception, perception lab, evaluation frameworks, qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods, usability of products, evaluation of user interaction, mobile eye-tracking, perception of marketing campaign

Projects: VIPA, Health Perception Lab, AdeLE, Vision Space, Fashion Advisor


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