This year, another Red Dot Award (no FH-project) was won by Sonja Zechner, Information Design Student. The awarded packaging design was a project for the Manufaktur Gölles. The briefing included using the small bottles that were still in store at the Manufaktur. Long ageing makes things infinitely good, and the maturation process that is part of balsamic fermentation is a high art, the crowning achievement of vinegar production. It takes more than 20 years for this vinegar to make the rounds through ever-smaller barrels of various woods, made of oak, chestnut, acacia, cherry and ash, until it has achieved its final harmonious maturity. Put up in small bottles, it is one of the most precious condiments in the world. The packaging design emphasizes this outstanding quality. Through the opening at the front of the packaging, the black color of the viscous vinegar can be seen, which speaks for its quality. The wooden base fulfills several tasks: It serves as transport packaging, as a decoration on the dining table (the spoon and the pipette as dosing aid are always at hand) and as a guide. On the wooden base you can see in which barrel the vinegar has been stored for the last 20 years. The base is marked on the front with the branding iron of the Manufaktur Gölles and on the back with the name of the wood (for the not so savvy wood connoisseurs). The hand-burned information is intended to bring to light again the tradition of barrel aging and the bond with actual manual labor.

Text & Photography: Sonja Zechner, Manufaktur Gölles