“I love my stuttering” or “I love my very shy breasts” are just a few of the answers that were posted online to the question “What flaw do you love about yourself? ” which ran alternating with body images from 20.5.-18.6.2019 on the BIX façade of the Kunsthaus Graz.

Every human being has something that bothers him or herself – be it a physical characteristic or a certain quality. We are born with annoying flaws that seem to affect our attractiveness and sometimes our self-esteem. Our society is often solely responsible for the fact that we criticize certain characteristics and thus cast a shadow on these even before we can form our own opinion about them.

It is precisely these “blemishes” that give us an identity, give us something unmistakable and do not allow us to disappear into a mass of people standardized according to ideals. Lieblingsmakel should encourage people to accept their “flaws” and at best to love them and share them proudly with the whole world – for example on the BIX façade of the modern art museum in Graz.

A website, stickers including the URL, a magic mirror with some of the answers and content for Social Media for the art museum were created to promote the project (Interaction Design Master).

Text & Photography: Katharina Diem