We are very proud to announce that our Institute got awarded with 9 RED DOT AWARDS this year. Five Red Dot Awards 2017, six Awards in 2018, and now, 2019: nine Red Dot Awards in the Categorys “Brands & Communication Design” and “Communication Design”.

So far, we are proud to count 26 Red Dot Awards in the past nine years here at the Institute of Design & Communication. The institute’s main goal is to educate designers who question their environment critically. They learn to understand complex economic, social, cultural and technological relations in order to be able to design for a better society. “This extraordinary accumulation of awards is proof of the high quality of our student’s works that is also recognized internationally. We exceed the standards that Graz as UNESCO City of Design should meet”, Karl Stocker and Daniel Fabry, head of the institute and head of the degree programs “Informationsdesign”, “Exhbition Design”, and “Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design” are happy to announce.

Altogether there were more than 8600 submissions from 54 countries this year. The “Red Dot Award” is an international renowned and most coveted award for good design. Products, communication design projects, packaging, design concepts as well as prototypes: the Red Dot Award internationally defines trends and awards the most outstanding projects in the industry.

This year’s winners are:
Julia Baldauf: “Weltsprachen – Sprachwelten” (Master’s Thesis, Communication Design)
Nina Botthof: “Designing Women” (Bachelor’s Thesis, Information Design)
Katharina Diem: “What A Mistake” (Bachelor’s Thesis, Information Design)
Katharina Diem: “Lieblingsmakel” (Projektarbeit: Interaction Design)
Lisa Huber: “sanktpoelten lebt” (Master’s Thesis, Exhibtion Design)
Tessa Kaczenski, Cara Mielzarek, Julia Prinz: “SHAPING HUMAN CITIES” (Master’s Thesis, Exhibtion Design)
Johanna Kurz: “Kaffee für alle?” (Bachelor’s Thesis, Information Design)
Christian Leban: “Views of China” (Master’s Thesis, Communication Design)
Katharina Saurer: “again and again” (Bachelor’s Thesis, Information Design)

Photography: Julia Baldauf, Nina Botthof, Katharina Diem, Christian Leban, Lisa Huber, Tessa Kaczenski, Cara Mielzarek, Lena Prehal, Julia Prinz, Katharina Saurer