This year´s ADC (Art Directors Club) Junior Award winners have been announced and we are very proud to congratulate 11 of our students to one of the ADC Junior Awards! It is one of the most important creativity contests in europe, and a great chance for our students to really stand out.

The Winners are:
Nina Botthof – “Designing Women” (silver award, category final thesis)
Gender is a fundamental principle of regularity and disparity that runs through all components of social coexistence. Design, in turn, is a central part of consumer culture and thus has the opportunity to play a major role in shaping society. Designing Women explores this interaction between gender and design with a focus on the depiction of women. Can design emancipate women? This question is examined in four parts: biological, social, artistic and historical factors are interrelated and analysed.

Tessa Kaczenski, Cara Mielzarek, Julia Prinz | Kommunikation im Raum | “Shaping Human Cities” (award, category final thesis)
What makes a city our city? Why do we feel comfortable or uncomfortable in a city? What makes it livable? Do we have the freedom to shape our city? Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale | is a European research project with partners from eleven European cities. Together the Human Citizens ask themselves these questions, and meet to develop ideas and solutions for a better quality of life in urban areas. The urban experiments, conceived by designers, initiatives, activists, students and city dwellers as part of the research project, were made play- fully tangible in an exhibition. Shaping Human Cities ran from 5th of May to 24th of June 2018 at the GrazMuseum, and was designed by Julia Prinz, Cara Mielzarek and Tessa Kaczenski.

see the Video here

Christian Leban | Animation | “Views of China” (award, category final thesis)
Immerse yourself in a strange world. Experience China in a new way and join Christian on his journey of living in a Chinese city with 24 million inhabitants for half a year. These eleven hand-drawn, animated loops shaped into one video describe the China that he experienced. Beautiful aspects, but also points of conflict. A small insight into a huge, fascinating world.

ANIMATION/ ART DIRECTION: Christian Leban | SOUND DESIGN/ MUSIC: David Stockinger | TECHNICAL DETAILS: 2D Animation. All frames hand-drawn.

In addition to the film there is a book which brakes down the entire process from research to the final animations. It packs six months of work into a collection of thoughts, ideas and history. The photos of the book pay homage to Ai Weiwei’s work and »Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn«.

see the Video here

Valerie Quade, David Stockinger, Joshua Lilienthal, Martin Haiden, Martin Knapp, Johannes Kippelt | Kommunikation im Raum | “Jam Session Machine(award, category semester thesis)
The Jam Session Maschine lets everyone explore the feeling of elation when jamming. It is made to create a Flow-feeling in musicians and would-be-musicians using the Jam Session Machine and it is easy to use while offering endless musical variatibility. Consisting of six connected stations with tablets, every tablet is one instrument. There is a drum set sequencer, two synthesizers, a bass and a special effects instrument, arranged in a way that harmonious sound is created no matter how they are operated.  All users can hear what the others are doing and communicate via audio … or do their own thing.

Valerie Quade | Audio (Funkspot / Soundlogo / Originalkomposition) | “Energie Leben” (award, category semester thesis)
The audio feature “Energieleben” immerses the listeners into the world of electrons. Using tiny microphones electrical devices were recorded from the inside and thus offer unusual hearing perspectives. It was edited using the surround-system Ambisonics, with special plugins developed at the IEM Graz.

Summary: Stefanie Egger; Photography: Nina Botthof, Tessa Kaczenski, Cara Mielzarek, Julia Prinz, Christian Leban, Valerie Quade, David Stockinger, Joshua Lilienthal, Martin Haiden, Martin Knapp, Johannes Kippelt