In our institute´s lecture series „Lunch & Lectures“ we invite international speakers on a regular basis to give talks and share some of their insights and experiences from their professional experiences. On Friday, 8th of March, Stella Rollig was invited to give a talk in the course of these lectures. She currently is the CEO of a highlight in the Austrian museum landscape, the Belvedere.

From 2004 to 2016, Stella Rollig was running the LENTOS Kunstmuseum as well as the NORDICO Stadtmuseum Linz. Besides her curatorial activity, she was teaching at several Austrian as well as international institutions and at the same time was working as a member of jurys and steering committees. Since 2017, Stella Rollig is scientific director and CEO of the Belvedere Museum Vienna. As a consequence, since 2018, the Belvedere is presenting its world famous collection in a whole new arrangement. Visitors get a extraordinary overview of 800 years of Austrian history of art, plus Belvedere’s own history. The spatial design emphasizes an Austrian point of view on the presented art but also on the development of this identity.

For the conceptional design, the main challenge was to meet the wants and needs of international tourists on the one hand and of the Austrian visitors on the other. For tourists, often time is the limiting factor when visiting an exhibition, while people who have the chance to visit the Belvedere again should be allured to do so. A clean structure that allows for understandable connections between topics and approachable, concise texts should ensure that also the recurring visitor can gain new insights on every visit. The realignment´s aim: visitors should be able to gain new experiences every time they visit and take home profound knowledge they want to share with others.

Text: Michael Forster; Photography: Petramer, Stefanie Egger