On November the 28th 2018, the two 3rd semester students, Lea Krull Pedersen and Lisa Maria Graff, presented their proposal for a redesign of the archival website for Monasterium.net/mom. The students won the second price for their redesign that focuses on the logical arrangement of information on the website plus a well-thought-out visual identity that is appropriate for the online archive, yet modern and aesthetic.

The online archive lets users browse digitalised documents from European monasteries by date, location, content and many other categories. For this reason, the students wanted to visualise as many of the steps in the research process as possible, showing how you would find documents based on these factors. The overall focus in this project was an increased user experience for students as well as archive staff. The goal was to make them think less about how to solve a problem or find a document and better guide them visually to the tools that allow them to find the right documents based on the search criteria that they use.
A big thanks to Melitta Moschik for the facilitation and the supervision of the project.

Text & Photography: Lea Krull Pedersen & Lisa Maria Graff