Jacqueline Reiterer, third semester student in the bachelor┬┤s program Information Design, won the third price for her concept in a competition for the redesign of the monasterium.net website. Monasterium.net provides the biggest digital archive for historical certificates in Europe. The task was to create a modern look and several responsive screen designs as well as to think about improvements in the user interface.

This design concept focusses on three main things: welcoming first users, informing step by step and reducing CSS code. First of all, the homepage was made a bit longer to give people who visit the website for the first time a basic overview about the topic. Secondly, the structure was improved by making a fixed navigation menu on the left side. It helps historians and students to navigate easily through the website without being distracted by too much information. And thirdly, everything was designed like an assembly kit. That means that every part can be used for mobile devices as well with minimum CSS code. The thought behind that was to reduce loading times since a work tool should be as fast as possible. Many thanks also to the supervisor of the project, Melitta Moschik.

Text & Photography: Jacqueline Reiterer