Every year the students of the bachelor’s degree “Informationsdesign” produce corporate videos for the theatre group “Theater im Bahnhof” in Graz within their specialization “Media design”. The project was supervised by Orhan Kipcak and the actors Gabriela Hiti, Eva Hofer and Helmut Koeping.

Since the guidelines are not that strictly defined, the three groups of six students each enjoy a high degree of creative freedom. What is important is that they produce representative films for the theatre’s website, where even a provocative and irritating content is desired in some way. Their motto “Sehr brav” (Well-behaved) is reflected in each film.

A man waits at a train station. Suddenly he finds a magical ticket which brings him to another reality. It is the world of theaters: No social conventions, rules, or inhibitions…People follow their instincts, they go wild. No matter where he goes, he only finds other crazy situations, though after suddenly loosing the ticket he finally gets back to the station, but not for real…

Lena Walch, Paul Schumann, Julian Present, Jordan Sitzwohl, Anna Chatzatoglou, Kerstin Oswald

Orhan Kipcak (FH JOANNEUM)
Eva Hofer (TiB)

mit Unterstützung von:
English Pub “The Running Horse”
 Kosakengasse 7, 8020 Graz

Text: Lena Walch, Paul Schumann
, Julian Present, Jordan Sitzwohl, Anna Chatzatoglou
, Kerstin Oswald; Photography: Kerstin Oswald