A human way-finding system for Klanglicht 2019: The unconventional idea of using human sign-spinners as a way-finding system for Klanglicht 2019 got a complimentary award. Inspired by human directionals, Jacqueline Reiterer, Information Design student at the FH JOANNEUM came up with the idea to give them yet another purpose.
The way-finding system consists out of local motivated students equipped with a sign and a little stage. Distributed throughout the route they would direct the visitors with their attention-grabbing sign-spinning skills. However, the word sign spinning has its origin in the advertisement industry. People who are holding a sign of some sort are called sign holders or human directionals and are used to attract attention.
And since the event only takes place in the evening, the contemporary human way-finding system can also easiliy be put away after the event. Many thanks to our professor and supervisor Melitta Moschik.

Text & Photography: Jacqueline Reiterer