Immerse yourself in a strange world. Experience China in a new way and join Christian on his journey of living in a Chinese city with 24 million inhabitants for half a year. These eleven hand-drawn, animated loops shaped into one video describe the China that he experienced. Beautiful aspects, but also points of conflict. A small insight into a huge, fascinating world.

ANIMATION/ ART DIRECTION: Christian Leban | SOUND DESIGN/ MUSIC: David Stockinger | TECHNICAL DETAILS: 2D Animation. All frames hand-drawn.

In addition to the film there is a book which brakes down the entire process from research to the final animations. It packs six months of work into a collection of thoughts, ideas and history. The photos of the book pay homage to Ai Weiwei’s work and »Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn«. The entire project was done as a Communication Design Master’s thesis at the Institute of Design & Communication. Supervisor: Orhan Kipcak

Text & Photography: Christian Leban