In the class “Auftragsorientiertes Gestalten” (supervisor Melitta Moschik) the Information Design students (year 2017) got the opportunity to submit a design idea for a way finding system that helps people stay within the given route of the “Klanglicht”. It is a mixture of sound and light installations, as well as massive projections. This year it is going to be on the 21st to 23rd of April 2019 in Graz.

Inspired by the hashtag of the festival “#see the light”, I thought: “Why can’t an eye take over and lead the people through “Klanglicht”?” And because the sound plays an important role too, I took a note and enhanced it with a pupil and slashes. This provided the basis for my wayfinding system. The pupil, supported by an arrow, indicates in what direction the visitor should go in order to find the next installation. Eye and lettering are made of a high-reflective foil and glued on a black aluminium tile. Crowd barriers seem to be a nice way to use as a medium, since they already lead the people in a certain direction.
Furthermore, it would make sense to project the animation of the pupil on suitable surfaces. And the eye in combination with notes can be a good addition to the current branding of “Klanglicht”.

With the project I handed in, I wanted to be able to lead the people through the festival without distracting from the actual installations. The main strengths of my wayfinding systems are that it is well thought-out and feasible, not very expensive and different from most of what can be seen elsewhere.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t present my project live, since I am already studying one semester in Newcastle since January. Therefore, I created a video to present my idea. I am very proud and thankful that the jury liked my project and honoured it with the first prize.

Text & Photography: Klara Hirschbüchler