In the class “Auftragsorientiertes Gestalten” (supervisor Melitta Moschik) the Information Design students (year 2017) got the opportunity to submit a design idea for a way finding system that helps people stay within the given route of the “Klanglicht”. It is a mixture of sound and light installations, as well as massive projections. This year it is going to be on the 21st to 23rd of April 2019 in Graz.

This concept for the way finding system was awarded the third prize, and it is based on Augmented Reality. An app was designed which has access to the camera of the mobile phone used. When the user opens the app, their surroundings are visible on the screen. This is where Augmented Reality comes into play: white dots mark the way through the festival, from performance to performance. The application does not only show the way and festival stops, but also other relevant places such as cafés, restaurants, public toilets and more.

This is the main function of the app, but it also informs the visitor about details of the program and the artists.

The user also has the possibility to register and create an account in the app. This way, if you are logged in, you can save specific events that are interesting to you and look them up in your profile. The app can then calculate an individual route through the festival for the visitor.

To encourage more people to download the application, another feature could be used in cooperation with restaurants, food-trucks, etc. – the Klanglicht-App is able to provide vouchers and special offers in certain localities.

This concept will be realized next semester by Klanglicht in cooperation with students of the Bachelor’s Porgram Information Design, year 2017. Many thanks to our professor and supervisor Melitta Moschik.

Text & Photograph: Hannah Filzmoser