Luisa-Christin Kaßler and Lena Geiregger are in their second year of studying Information Design. Their submission to a contest held by Viking Direkt was selected as the winning concept and they got the opportunity to realise their idea. The assignment was to create art with the topic of nature or wilderness with only the supplies from Viking to fit into an office.

The two students imagined their artwork as an escape from the dull and grey every day life in an office. Where the steady, continuous sound of the keyboards take over the entire (bleak) room. Where grey meets grey, where table stands tightly against table. Their piece of art works against this atmosphere and fills the office with the spirit of freedom and nature. Colourful Origami animals brighten the landscape in their artwork as well as bringing life back into the workspace. The animals leave the woods, their stage.

This idea was the inspiration for their piece of art. It is created according to the principles used in stage construction, where two dimensional layers add up to form a three dimensional stage. In the wood there are wolves, deer, squirrels, owls, a rabbit and the clever fox, who is the first to leave his well known territory.

All the content from Lena and Luisa is now incorporated in the Blog of Viking Direct connected with a study about art at the workplace. Some of the results of this study by Viking conducted with the help of OnePoll are:

  • Every fifth employee wishes to have more participation in the artistic arrangement at the workplace.
  • Only every seventh under 24 knows Rembrandt.
  • And last but not least: two out of three employees think that art at the workplace makes plain happier.

Text & Photography: Luisa-Christin Kaßler and Lena Geiregger