“Gib mir Raum” (“Give me Room”) was the title of the final presentation of the Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design students of 2017. When more than 40 young designers work together, something big is about to be created. Everyone has different talents and contributes to an amazing variety of creative work. Designers need, just as everything else, room to unfurl and to develop. Room to grow, room to be creative, to showcase their work.

In the context of the four majors of the study program – Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design – a versatile mix of projects was created, which were then assembled in this exhibition, offering an invitation to participate. After an extraordinarily successful opening with a record number of visitors, the students took over the space of the esc medien kunst labor for four days to showcase their selected interdisciplinary projects.

One of these projects was called “the portfolio machine” – a combination of analog and digital media invited the visitor to browse through a galaxy of projects. By maneuvering a big ball in the chosen direction, the visitor could select a student and had the chance to take a look at his/her portfolio. If they liked what they saw, they could take a business card with the contact details of the student.

In addition to this pretty digital setup, projects with an emphasis on analog and haptic appeal like stamps, print products and infographics could also be found. There was a possibility to watch fish swarms, listen to unique music or even to save the world from doom.

The exhibition opening date was 23rd January 2019, and it was open for visitors until 26th January in the esc – medien kunst labor.

Here some impressions of the exhibition:

Text: Körösi Miriam; Photography: Students of CMS 17, Stefanie Egger