On Friday, the 11th of January 2019 Daniel Stuhlpfarrer, alumnus of the Bachelor´s Program Information Design, presented his book “Constrast meets creativity meets word meets waiting” consisting in two volumes in the designforum Steiermark in Graz. The book is based on his Bachelor’s thesis. Daniel now lives in Berlin, attending a Master’s program at UdK Berlin, studying in Fons Hickmann´s class. Karl Stocker, head of the Institute of Design & Communication and Eberhard Schrempf, head of the Creative Industries Styria, introduced the presenter.

„Contrast meets creativity meets word meets waiting“ is a book in two volumes that deals with the connection between contrast, creativity and design. Divided in a theoretical and one rather practical part, design meets contrast, contrast meets creativity and therefore creativity meets two books. The first book „contrast meets creativity“ deals with the meaning and the use of contrasts in design. Examples illustrate how contrasts can be used and how they can fuel creativity.

The second book „word meets waiting“ visualizes the use of contrasts in a philosophical discussion of what lies behind the young designer, and what lies ahead. The topic of „waiting“ plays a central role in this book that also displays the journey of the young designer climbing the Kilimanjaro in Tansania. Personally experienced contrasts, concerning cultural differences and pushing the own physical limits are illustrated by breaking the rules of conventional book design.

Speaking about contrasts and how we can use them to evoke creativity, Daniel says that we can also improve our practical skills as designers by making sophisticated use of contrasts, and by making use of all the tensions and frictions in our everyday lives. Maybe making use of contrasts is the basis for creativity?

After the well-attended presentation, everybody was invited to join the author and the organizers for snacks and drinks in an inspiring atmosphere.

Text: Stefanie Egger, Photography: Daniel Stuhlpfarrer, Stefanie Egger (event)