Karl Stocker and I had the pleasure to teach at our partner university, the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in the UNESCO City of Design, Wuhan in China. We started the week with a public lecture called “Changing the World through Design” in the Design Department of Prof. Wu Ping. The first part of the presentation was a theoretical analysis of social and sustainable design in the last decades. In the second part we presented a list of successful design projects on e.g. reducing materials, urban mining which means collecting raw materials in the city or gave examples on the notion of a circular economy. Besides environmental responsibility design also includes social responsibility.

These were also the contents of the workshop we held for Prof. Tu Zhichu’s design students. The students had to find an issue in their daily life or in the city, which they could improve by design. With the chosen topics like “Lack of Creativity”, “Air Pollution” or “Waste Sorting” the students developed impressive exhibition design concepts.

Many thanks for the great organisation of the teaching week to Pan Yingying and to our translator Huang Haolin, without whom we would have had dramatic language problems.

We are looking forward to the visit of our colleagues from the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in May 2019.

Text: Sigrid Bürstmayr
Photography: Sigrid Bürstmayr, Karl Stocker, Tu Zhichu