The Sound Design students Katharina Pichler, Gerd Juritsch, Lukas Benedicic, Carlos Rodriguez Rodriguez, Markus Sternbauer, Severin Ströhle, Elisabeth Breuner and Reinhold Aschbacher spent two days, 5 hours each day, at the free radio “Radio Helsinki“, member of “Verband Freier Radios Österreichs” (association of free radios in Austria) located in Schönaugasse 8, 8010 Graz. Together with Claudia Holzer, who was hosting the workshop, the students created their first radio show, broadcasted for almost one hour at frequency 92,5 mHz on friday afternoon. The show was dealing with the broad field of Sound Design and introduced the field of study and its curricula at FH JOANNEUM in cooperation with the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, which was charmingly presented by Gerd Juritsch and Katharina Pichler, who did well in entertaining the listeners to Radio Helsinki all over Graz. Also part of the show was Music, produced from the students themselves and an expert interview with head of the study program Josef Gründler.

Having a look on the schedule, the workshop included an introduction to Radio Helsinki and free radios in Austria with Claudia Holzer and RH Manager Mag. Malik Sharif, a studio tour, getting to know the basics of broadcasting, first soundcheck, finding subjects and allocation of roles. On broadcasting day, the students did research in Sound Design, looked for proper sounds and music to show and discuss, did broadcasting preparation and soundcheck before doing their final radio show.

Text & Photography: Elisabeth Breuner