This semester’s AbsolventInnen Lecture Days took place on the 20th and 21st of November in the Palais Thinnfeld, right in the city centre of Graz.

For the lectures of these two days seven graduates of our study programs Information Design, Exhibition Design and Communication, Media, Sound & Interaction Design were invited to give talks and presentations of their work and career, in order to show the variety of possibilities of what to become after having studied at our institute.

Christopher Mavrič delivered a talk about being self-employed and about being a photographer, “Selbstständig als Fotograf”, Damián Morán Dauchez talked about posting ships for the International Maritime Museum Hamburg: “Shipfluencer – Kuratieren in den Sozialen Medien”. Viktor Kroell mentionned the “36 Strategeme” and talked about “Strategien der Täuschung”, how behind everything in advertising and media there might be a strategy to deceive consumers.  Unter freiem Himmel, an animation Studio based in Graz reported about their career and what they learned during their first years as entrepreneurs, “Von der Naivität zum Niveau” was the title of their presentation.

On the second day, Gerulf Dösinger, Motion Designer at “Red Bull Media House” Salzburg also explained what he learned during his career since he graduated. He stressed the importance of daring to make mistakes – and learning from them.  Nina Bammer is an exhibition designer, she talked about the differences between exhibiting objects in the context of a museum compared to working for a fair, “Ähnlich aber anders: Messe und Museum”. Manuel Johns talk “Die bunten Spielwiesen im audiovisuellen Schaffen” showcased examples of his audiovisual work, from music videos to advertisements for different clients and artists.

Thanks to all graduates for sharing their stories & experiences and for the interesting and entertaining lectures!

“Why designers go crazy” is the title of the new yearbook that was presented following the talks on wednesday by Karl Stocker, Daniel Fabry and Robert Höldrich of the Kunstuniversität Graz.

Text & Photography: Stefanie Egger