Congratulations to Martina Veider, who has received the Red Dot seal in recognition of her convincing design quality and creativity!

The publication “Information + Graphics ≠ Infographics | Information graphics and their place in the fields of information design, visual storytelling and visual journalism”, which was her master’s thesis project, was recognized with Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018.

Information combined with graphics makes an infographic. This assumption is wrong on many levels, and needs to be refuted.

This master’s thesis provides infographics with a context by looking at what roles the sectors of information design, visual storytelling and visual journalism play in the process of creating a qualitative infographic. Through a mixture of text and graphics this thesis describes the function of an infographic: its visual ability to simplify the complex, to make less out of more, and to also tell the truth. In addition to an overview of the concepts mentioned above, this thesis also provides insight into some types and principles of infographics, and explores the newly emerged concept of “Infographic Thinking”.

Supervisor: Christoph Almasy

Photography: Martina Veider