Congratulations to Katharina Mauthner, who has received the Red Dot seal in recognition of her convincing design quality and creativity!

The publication “Designing with a foundation | A baseline study”, which was her bachelor’s thesis project, was recognized with Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018.

Grids are an important tool for the communication of complex correlations, as well as for organizing information which follows a certain structure. In books and magazines, a harmonious division of the page is crucial in deciding whether the reader dedicates his attention to the printed material or not.

This bachelor’s thesis analyses diverse possibilities for producing the perfect distribution of proportion ratios, with the goal of ensuring harmony and balance. These possibilities should lead to a better understanding of the format of books, as well as the significance of the individual elements on each page. Grids bring out the elegance of the page layout, the well-balanced relationship within the print space and its positioning on the page. In order to provide the reader with a deeper understanding, a selection of conventional rules and principles has been illustrated.

Supervisor: Bobinec Tomislav

Photography: Katharina Mauthner