Congratulations to Clemens Wipplinger who has received the Red Dot seal in recognition of her convincing design quality and creativity!

The publication “Motivational factors | About incentive as a designer”, which was his bachelor’s thesis project, was recognized with Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018.

Working as a designer means being a service provider. However, creative professions are very different from other jobs in that you serve the customer directly. Creative people are confronted with a multitude of complex requirements which require multidisciplinary know-how. Awareness of the factors which motivate designers to perform at their best every day is essential, and gives meaning to one’s own work.

Through the use of questionnaires and interviews, the author investigated the individual motivational factors of nine designers from Graz and Vienna. The factors were then evaluated, and holistic profiles of the respective test subjects were created.

Supervisor: Philipp Kanape

Photography: Clemens Wipplinger