“You know we have a saying: You always throw the first cat into the river!” The Bosnian-born project manager Almedin Becirovic of our partner Fronius announced this wisdom in a casual tone at the end of September last year, after we had told him of a rather serious mistake in the Welducation Basic App about to be released.
For us, the Sim Team of the Research and Design Lab, finding bugs – we call them bugs – is an integral part of our profession. It is part of the essence of a good software developer not only to kill this slimy vermin (figuratively speaking) on the spot, but to follow it to its source and smoke out its entire nest. Also, the fight against bugs (which often seems like a quixotic project) must be conducted with composure and a cool head, which is not always easy, believe me. Especially if, as in this case, it concerns the first mobile app of the Research and Design Lab ever to be published in the stores and its release is imminent. The reassuring core statement of the bizarre Bosnian proverb from the beginning proved to be encouraging. We were able to fix the bug in time and the Welducation Basic App was a big success.

Nevertheless, we haven’t been idle in the past few months since then; in fact, we started work on a major, comprehensive update for this app after the release which is now completed. Besides, we also developed two completely new apps in parallel with Fronius and brought them to the stores. This has demanded a lot of effort from us. For weeks we did not leave our bare office, illuminated only by the glow of computer monitors. We hardly slept, neglected our social environment and even when our fingers were degenerated into numb stumps we did not stop, but continued to hack on our keyboards in a curved position and a deafening staccato.

But please stop! Don’t call the employment office or the police! The previous lines were, well, let’s say, put somewhat pointedly. The much less exciting truth and at the same time the core of this article is this: We have worked diligently and consistently, we’ve reached our destination, and now want to present our results to you and the rest of the world.

So ladies and gentlemen, just walk in, please come closer and marvel at the new apps created by the Research and Design Lab:

Welducation Basic (Update)
This app provides interesting information on the subject of welding. In a quiz, theoretical basics are learned and practical skills are trained virtually by means of a welding game. The results of the interactively learned welding knowledge can be compared with other App users via an international ranking list and subsequently expanded.

All this was already included in the first version of last September. In the current update, a local ranking list was added to the app, in which personal progress is recorded. The game’s scoring and even the entire logic of the quiz were fundamentally revised and both are now fairer and more transparent. But there are also plenty of other improvements in detail. The best thing to do is to see for yourself.

Key Features:
– Playfully explore the world of welding – theory & practice
– Gain your first practical experience in welding – without any equipment
– Interactive learning from any location
– International comparability of the results through the online ranking list

Please download the updated Welducation Basic App for Android or Welducation Basic App for iOS.

Welducation MagicFolder
The “MagicFolder” used to be part of Welducation Basic and has now been promoted to an independent app. It is very easy to use and works in combination with the new Virtual Welding brochure: Each page of the brochure is provided with markers in the form of pictures. To call up additional information, the reader simply records these markings with the camera of his smartphone or tablet and various additional content, such as videos on virtual welding or 3D simulations with the aid of Augmented Reality (AR), is displayed via the app.

Key Features:
– Playfully explore the world of virtual welding
– Combining analog with digital product presentation
– Interactive presentation offers additional content
– 3D representation and simulation of welding processes

Please download the Welducation MagicFolder App for Android and Welducation MagicFolder App for iOS.

Virtual Welding AR
This completely new app combines effortless presentation and information transfer with fun. With the help of the latest augmented reality technologies, content such as videos on virtual welding, 3D simulations of the welding processes and explanations of the most important advantages of virtual welding training can be displayed on flat surfaces. Welducation AR is compatible with all devices that support ARCore or ARKit, as well as the Vuforia software solution.
– Use of augmented reality technology (ARKit/ARCore)
– Playfully explore the world of virtual welding
– 3D-developed representations and simulations on flat surfaces
– Interactive product presentation

Please download the Virtual Welding AR App for Android and the Virtual Welding AR App for iOS.

Now that you’ve made it to the end of this article perhaps you’re willing to go even a little further – the extra mile so to speak. We would be happy if you took the time and tried one or the other app. And please don’t forget to award 5 stars and write an excessively enthusiastic review, like you almost fell out of your chair with enthusiasm, or something like that. We promise you: We didn’t throw this cat into the river!

The Sim Team is a subunit of the Research and Design Lab specialized in the creation of interactive simulations. Under the leadership of project manager Andreas Behmel, the team around Herwig Dötsch, Klemen Furman, Ajun Simorg Jöller, Jochen Martin, Maximilian Tauß and Stefan Tscheppe focuses on the development of simulators that are as realistic as possible in order to learn manual skills. The group always deals with the latest technical innovations and thus creates the basis for successful knowledge transfer to the students of the FH JOANNEUM. The range of projects already completed includes simulators on the subject of welding, the correct handling of chainsaws and the handling of fire-fighting robots.

Text: Jöller Ajun Simorg
Photography: Fronius International GmbH