The exhibition “Ewig schön” showed the various designs of mosaic bus stops, which were photographically documented in the western part of Ukraine by two students of the FH JOANNEUM’s master degree program in Exhibition Design. In just seven days, 150 bus stops were covered on a 1,160 km route. Six students from Vechta and Dr. Nils Aschenbeck, the initiator and partner in this project, took a second route. The bus stops are currently in disrepair or demolition and count as one of the doomed heritages of the Soviet era. The small-scale architectural works, which clearly reflect the social and cultural context of the socialist era, emerged in the 1960s and 1970s and were decorated with mosaics by numerous regional artists. These architectural landmarks reflect their surroundings through the choice of materials, colours and folkloric elements. The exhibition took place at Raumbasis venue VVolke 4-6 from 18th to 29th of June within the programs of Architektursommer Graz and the Kulturerbejahr 2018.

Text: Christiane Gastl, Alexandra Scheuringer
Photography: Christiane Gastl