Together with my colleague Maximilian Tauß, I am sitting in a large, darkened hall, which had once been part of a freight yard. Together with hundreds of others, we’re staring at a massive video wall. In a couple of minutes the Keynote of Unite Berlin 2018, a Unity Developer Conference, will begin.

You don’t know what Unity is? Unity is a cross-platform game engine which we at the Research & Design Lab use for most of our projects. For example the Welducation Basic App, which was developed in collaboration with our partner Fronius. This App, available free of charge, enables a playful approach to the topic of welding by combining a gaming, a quiz and even an augmented reality part.

A couple of rows in front of us, a heavily made-up blonde and a clichéd nerd blend sit on bar stools and greet with excessive enthusiasm into the camera, whose images are fed into the internet by livestream. Then the light is dimmed, dramatic music arises and the hall is only illuminated by green lasers which flash up on all sides. The show begins. Two hours later, we leave the hall wading through confetti. This extraordinary keynote should be followed by two long, intense and informative conference days.

So what’s new? Check the video and find out! Spoiler alert – it’s a lot! So we, from the Research and Design Lab, won’t get bored easily.

Text & Photography: Jöller Ajun Simorg