The final lecture day on the topic of „Design & Protest“ took place at Universalmuseum Joanneum at the Joanneumsviertel in the center of Graz.

Klaus Kempenaars explained the branding of protest by giving examples of well known movements such as Greenpeace, Black Lives Matter or Anonymous.

Paul Draus talked about the controversial situation in the city of Detroit, why its people are so good at explaining what happened to it and how to set the focus on making things better in the future. He explained all this in the presentation of a place-making project in the heavily industrialized region of Southwest Detroit he is working on.

Alvaro Rego, founder of the privately managed Mexican Museum of Design, gave a speech on the unfortunate reality of many design projects that usually defer from what was initially promised and how we all should defend our right to live in a well designed city.

The Lecture Days took place in the Designmonat Graz in cooperation with the Creative Industries Styria.

Text & Photography: Lukas Diernberger