Apply now for the Master’s Degree Program Communication, Media, Sound & Interaction Design!

Language of instruction: German & English
Program Length: 4 Semester
Head of degree program: DI (FH) Daniel Fabry

Application Deadline: 28 May 2018

Please get here further information for each major:

Communication Design
Communication designers conceptualize and design the conveyance of optical content using the most diverse analogue and digital media. This course of study focuses on topics such as corporate identity, design management, print production, digital production and visual aesthetics.

Media Design
Media designers relate stories in digitally generated worlds. These blend together with real scenes and graphic elements, and can also create interactive and augmented experience zones. Media designers work with videos, motion graphics, 3D animation and their different applications.

Sound Design
Sound designers create and edit sounds for movies and computer games, audio logos and brand jingles. They make data audible and optimize products’ sounds. In joint cooperation with the Graz University of Music and Performing Arts, sound designers also work with the acoustic environment, soundscapes and sound ecology, while working in interdisciplinary teams together with interaction and media designers.

Interaction Design
Interaction designers create digital and analogue interfaces between people and their environment. The master’s program is centered around practice–oriented tasks, from conception to prototypical application. It prepares interaction designers for an exciting and diverse field of work such as web, app, screen and mobile design as well as game design, the design of virtual and augmented realities and interactive information and media architectures.