How to let a balloon fly?
The technical and dramaturgical essences of interaction design are: an input leads to an output or an action leads to a reaction. The result is an excitingly entertaining Rube Goldberg machine (doing something simple in a very complicated way that is not necessary). Made by 14 interaction designers, who gained skills in physical computing with Arduino, visual programming with Max7, advanced sensorics and material prototyping with laser cutter, 3d printing and much more.

This project is an experimental sidekick and exercise in interaction prototyping, next to other (quite reputable) practical projects and the theoretical-methodological involvement in the disciplines interface and user experience design.

Text: Daniel Fabry
Photography: Florian Lackner, Verena Rentschler
Video: Florian Lackner

Rube Goldberg Machine – interaction prototyping from design | FH JOANNEUM on Vimeo.