„To all the dreamers and creators of dreams. It is the day for dreams to come true – whenever they get stuck in your head, let them out and go wild. Never stop dreaming. So do we – and we want to share our fancy design dreams with you! Experience COLLECTIVE DREAMS.“

One study programme – four majors: Communication, Media, Sound & Interaction Design. The final exhibition of this year’s master students is an interdisciplinary show with selected student projects.

The glass architecture of the exhibition space ESC Medien Kunst Labors is the container for visions, dreams and their collective realisation. The opening was very successful and for four days, you could explore the world of design. Without us being aware of it, design infuses a lot of areas of everyday life.

The portfolio machine is one of the exhibited works. It is a combination of analog & digital, haptics & visualization. By rotating the compass, you select the major to be displayed. Click on the touch screen next to the book to select the name of the student in order to have a look at his/her portfolio by flipping through the haptic pages of the book.

Exhibition Opening: 24th January 2018, 19:00
Exhibition: 25th to 27th January, 14:00–18:00
ESC – Medien Kunst Labor, Bürgergasse 5, 8010 Graz


Portfolio-Maschine, Ausstellung "Collective Dreams" from design | FH JOANNEUM on Vimeo.

Text: CMS16
Photography: Beatrice Bunjaku, Marusa Puhek