Micro Galleries is a not for profit global arts initiative that reclaims disused and forgotten public spaces and reactivates them as open-air galleries that are free and accessible to the local community. It uses art as a vehicle for positive change, social enquiry, and engaged disruption by temporarily inhabiting small pockets of public space and turning them into galleries. The most recent installation was in Jakarta where Micro Galleries transformed a kampung with 50 artists from around the world, including Exhibition Design student Brian Luque-Marcos: “This project was incredibly interesting and important for me, because we could show that there is a chance to change the world for better with art.”

This outdoor arena is reactivated with a form of “urban acupuncture” through free art, workshops and talks, think-tanks and art tours to explore global and local issues between the global and local community.

Photography: Teresa Schebiella, Text: Kat Roma Greer & Brian Luque-Marcos