Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus and 18 other municipalities in Central Denmark Region celebrated 2017 as European Capital of Culture. Therefore we, 3rd semester master students in Exhibition Design, made our excursion to Copenhagen and Aarhus in October 2017. The aim was to discover the different design aspects from each city and get a better understanding of the Danish design.
Through city walks, museums visits and lectures from professionals we gained insights in the Danish design scene and inspiration for the future. The Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen and the AROS art museum in Aarhus were just a few of our highlights during the trip as well as the visit to the office from Jan Gehl Architects, where we learned a lot about creating cities for people, and the lecture from Bent Sorensen, one of the European Capital of Culture team members, where we gained insight into the whole process of becoming and being a Capital of Culture. It was really interesting and since Austria is on the list again for 2024, we got a lot of insider information – maybe that’s a future job opportunity.
During the excursion we found out that Denmark really looks after its citizens and wants them to be happy and that design plays an important role in everyday life. Nearly everywhere and even in public spaces you can find a classic Danish design piece, like the PH5 lamp from Louis Poulsen or a Hans Wegner chair, but after nearly 80.000 meters of walking through Copenhagen and Aarhus we were glad when we were sitting in the airplane and could rest our feet on our flight back home on Sunday.

Text & Photography: AUD 16 students