The exhibition „gstettensteppen“ is a collection of temporary installations and interventions realized by the AUD16 students of the master programme „Exhibition Design“.

Over the course of the semester, the group concentrated on different aspects of urban planning and abandoned property. Under the umbrella term of „Gstetten“ – an Austrian-German word for vacant, mostly overgrown lots – five projects were planned and executed.

Each installation then was realized at and for its own specific location. Aiming to create a temporary attraction, the pieces were designed to turn each „Gstetten“ into a more pleasing space, while still drawing attention to the different topics, ranging from politics to pollution.

Having to find relatively simple, cheap and quick to build solutions, the students experimented with different materials and techniques. For example, 155 balloons were positioned to look like the roof of a torn down building, while a plastic bag dancing over a set of electrical fans creatively illustrat-ed the importance of air.

On June 23rd, all projects were realized and presented during a walk from location to location, the so-called „gstettensteppen“ („gstetten-tapdance“). Having to brave both bad weather and van-dalism, it also provided a valuable lesson about the complications tied to making exhibitions in public spaces. Nevertheless, all projects were successfully built and displayed.

Exhibition Design: AUD16
Support: Tomislav Bobinec, Christoph Neuhold, Anke Strittmatter, Erika Thümmel
Text: Chris Morell
Photography: Sarah Gaggl, Stefanie Mairhuber, Julia Prinz