“The Orange Age” is centered around the media design collection of Heinz M. Fischer with a focus on objects from the 1970s. Mr. Fischer, head of department Media & Design at the FH JOANNEUM curated the exhibition in cooperation with Stefanie Baumann of Creative Industries Styria for the Designmonat Graz 2017. The main exhibition architecture consists of the HUB by Fantoni which was sponsored by Tischlerei Josef Prödl.

The exhibition design, was supervised by Tomislav Bobinec and sets the stage for the exhibits with a retro design language. The exhibits were placed on movable white circles which separate the exhibits from the designed table surfaces, while also allowing for them to be rearranged. The orange flaps mounted on the HUBs carry important as well as curious facts revolving around the 1970s, and support the exhibits by serving as background knowledge about the time they were created in.

After Graz the exhibition will travel to several locations such as the Designforum Vorarlberg and the Designforum Vienna.

Exhibition Design: Dominik Pfeifer
Text & Photography: Dominik Pfeifer