Throughout the last decade, organic products have boomed tremendously. Terms such as sustainability, organic and carbon-emission are on everyone’s lips. Lately, this trend has not only reached food industries and textiles but also in the production of printed goods, great value is set upon ecological sustainability. Apart from an enormous amount of carbon dioxide emission and incredible energy and water consumption by both, printing companies as well as paper producers, it is primarily waste production that poses exceptional issues.
Packaging waste as well as the usage of finite, non-renewable resources as a global problem require drastic measures. As a designer, the author forms a small part in the production process of various printed goods. However, frequently operating as a point of intersection between customer and printing house, and in most cases choosing the material used for the print with these two, she—as well as her colleagues—have actually quite a lot on their hands.

Text: Ricarda Schweigler, Photography: Christoph Neuhold