This year’s IDEM (International Design Education Meeting) took place in Israel, Hadassah Neurim. We, four students of the BA programme Information Design, two Heads of Study, and 61 other participants from Belgium, Estonia, Singapore, Germany, USA and Israel – shared the experience to be part of this amazing event.

The workshop started with various lectures on topics like symbolism, realism, escapism and more, as well as 3D-printing methods, social media phenomena and how the human brain works. The task for this week was to create our own “-ISM”, on which we should work in international groups of eight people. We had absolutely free choice of method – therefore each group was able to find its individual way of working. There was no strict schedule so we were able to organize and spend our time the way we wanted.

Under these circumstances our creativity was boosted, and also the scenery with its beautiful seaside had a high impact on our inspiration. It wasn’t only interesting to see the different end results of all group projects but also to get to know such an awesome bunch of people from all around the world. We’re already looking forward to participate at IDEM22 next year.

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Photography & Text: Tamara Bijelic, Nina Botthof, Rosa Hirzer, Katharina Saurer