Karl Stocker and me were happy to get an invitation to the Detroit Design Festival 2016. In 2015, Detroit was the first American city to be named a UNESCO City of Design. Among speakers from other Cities of Design like St. Etienne, Montreal and Dundee, Karl Stocker gave a presentation about several design projects in Graz and about what Detroit could learn from Graz. Because it was already his third time in Detroit, Karl Stocker knows the city quite well and also spoke about what Graz could learn from Detroit.

I took part in the two days Design Summit and gave a presentation about some socio design related projects we did at the Institute of Design and Communication, like Journey of Hope, The Upcycling Store, Upcycling Design Lab,…

Furthermore, we are very happy to announce that we now have a new partner university for students and staff exchange – the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Just contact us if you want to have more information about the College and the student/staff exchange programm.

During the last century 1.4 million of people left Detroit, the Motor City, where Chrysler, Ford and General Motors were based. But among the 700.000 inhabitants who stayed we got to know so many motivated people, communities and companies. Just to mention a few:
Carlos Nielbock an enthusiastic blacksmith and upcycling designer
– The Talking Dolls an experimental design studio for graphics, objects, environments, books, performance art and critical writing
The Platform is revitalizing the New Center area’s landmark, the Fisher Building
Signal Retourn Press is leading the Detroit revival of letterpress printing in the vibrant district Eastern Market
– Olayami Dabls opened up an African Bead Museum with the vision to create space for his community to understand the immense power of their African heritage
– The Heidelberg Project a community to improve the lives of people and neighborhoods through art

Thanks to Ellie Schneider and Olga Stella of DC3 (Detroit Creative Corridor Center) for the invitation to the Detroit Design Festival. See you in Graz next time.

Text & Photography: Detroit Creative Corridor Center (2,4), Sigrid Bürstmayr