At the beginning of March, we could win Norma Andreu alias Cara Carmina, an impressive Mexican artist, to visit us during Design Month (Designmonat Graz 2016). In Graz she gave a workshop and a lecture about her (daily 4 hours [!]) use of social media and showed her art which contains amongst others printed leggings, handmade dolls and illustrations. Norma has a background in graphic design, fine arts and children illustration and studied in Mexico City, Florence and New York. She has been living in Montreal since 2009 and is making a living out her art for 3 years now.

“With my work I want to portray the beauty of the simple things. Interpreting the world in a whimsical way is what I love to do best. Cara Carmina is my dream, a place where I create and tell stories.”

Norma will surely stay in our minds as a very lively, affectionate and intoxicating person! Thank you for visiting, Norma, we hope you will come again!

Photography: Cara Carmina & CIS/Raneburger