This week Alice Holmberg, a London-based Danish Designer, visited us for a co-creation briefing in the context of the Human Cities project. Human Cities is a European research project funded by the Creative Europe Programme with partners from 11 cities in 11 countries. The aim of the cities is to work together on specific tasks in public space to make it more  accessible and worth living for us human beings. The focus in Graz is on the „Jakominiviertel“ – a district which is at the moment mostly a transit zone. How can we create more spaces there which can be public, high-quality and consumption-free living zones?

To capture Alice Holmberg’s first impression of the Jakominiviertel, we gave her some eye-tracking glasses and recorded her view of the streets.

Holmberg’s job in the project is to visit all the participating countries and to ask the right questions to ensure the meaningfulness of current approaches and to provide a critical view from outside. So far she visited Slovenia, Italy, Finland, Estonia, France, Poland and now Graz. „The specific ambitions and different challenges manifest themselves only when you visit the cities“, says Holmberg.

As a next step, temporary interventions, so called ‘experimentation labs’, will be realized by FH JOANNEUM students as well as by national and international experts in April 2016, of course with the participation of local players.