“Perspectives – Art, Liver Diseases and Me” is a global initiative, where 130 artists and patients worked together. Based on patient’s stories, the artists created art work depicting how life changes when having a liver disease like Hepatitis C. In total, 20 universities and 25 countries collaborate in the project, which was coordinated by UPV – Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain.

The three young artist from Austria who participated in the “Perspectives” – Viviane Dreusicke, Katharina Höppel and Philipp Schwarzbauer – are graduates from the Institute of Design & Communication.  The project was locally supervised by Maja Pivec.

Link to the art works of Austrian artists.

In this video Philipp Schwarzbauer is talking about the creative process based on the statements of the patient and how this resulted in the design of his sculpture.
Project web site containing work of all the artists and more about the project on Vimeo