The Serious Game Design Summer School will give young designers and creative students insights and knowledge of Serious Game design and production. The Summer School centers around a role play of a game development company, where students will create serious game concepts for selected target groups, embed curricular topics using behavioral mechanics, and provide accurate information through gamification of educational activities.

The theme for the Serious Game Design Summer School 2014 had the students to create an innovative concept and prototype for a digital game that falls into one of the below serious games categories:

  • Games for Health
  • Games for Inclusion
  • Games for Sustainable Energy

Game-based learning has gained the interest of many teachers. Commercial offtheshelf game (cots) provide many of the lessons that are needed and can be assimilated into the existing curriculum. Up until recently, very few commercial companies provide good quality educational games. Educational or serious games have always been low budget, low tech, poor cousins of the computer game industry. However, as commercial game engines become available at no cost, many small developers are now using these to create high quality education games. Schools and institutions have accepted games as a learning resource, as have many industries as a training tool.

We are facing challenges to produce adequate serious games resources for learning. Games should be covering learning objectives, be intuitive and easy to start playing. How to make games for topics like education, health, civic engagement and the environment? How to create games about important subjects that appeal to players the same way their favorite titles do? Good game design needs to find a balance between the pedagogical, recreational and competitive components.

What we need now a talented designers to create digital games that fit within the curriculum and achieve the required learning outcomes. The aim of the Summer School is to bring insight of serious game design industry, good serious game design and entrepreneurship.