Mountainbiking has become a main hobby for lots of Austrians during the last years. For some people it’s more than a hobby.

„120 Kilometer – Das Ziel ist das Ziel“ ist the name of a film project I did together with some colleagues throughout last year. The goal was to compare two types of mountainbikers: On the one hand there is David Schöggl, a professional mountainbiker. He entered his first mountainbike race in 2003. At the moment he numbers among the top-five in Austria’s mountainbike-marathon athlets over the racingdistance of 120 kilometers. On the other hand there is Rene Scheer, a enthusiastic hobby-mountainbiker from Feldbach. He is normally used to enter hobby-marathons over a distance of up to 50 kilometers.

In our documentation you can see how both athlets organise their trainings and how they prepared for Salzkammerguttrophy in July 2013, where both athlets competed the race over 120 kilometres. It’s also shown how both athlets integrate mountainbiking in their daily lifes.

The project started one year ago in Spring 2013, when Markus (director and producer) had the idea to make a film about David. After some brainstorming meetings about the story itself, we decided to make a sort of comparing. We made a small „casting“ for the amateur-biker and then we had to decide between 20 candidates. The lucky winner was Rene Scheer from Feldbach. When we met him for the first time, we knew that our desicion was totally right, because he is very different to David. Not only in view of mountainbiking, but also human. Best preconditions for a exciting documentation!

The premiere of our 1-hour documentation took place on January, 31st. Check out our trailer on youtube!