Cubes from Florian Gruenberger on Vimeo.

Combining renderings of exploding cubes with real footage of a newly built school in Upper Austria was the goal of this project. The straight lines and square shapes of modern architecture were the source of inspiration.

After capturing some shots of a modern school in Grieskirchen, Upper Austria, which consists mainly of straight lines and square shapes and was built mainly from concrete and glass, my task was clear – I had to integrate computer generated, exploding cubes into the shots, which reflect the building’s puristic, abstract style.

After some research and testing, the task was accomplished by the use of 3D tracking, particle systems, as well as color correction and compositing.

To match the style of this 2-minute-long clip, I decided to produce a short track, containing sounds of the legendary Roland TB-303 synthesizer,  which creates tones from square waves, as well as hammering snare drums, which match the style of the video nicely.