In our modern high-speed society, characterized by self-exploitation and performance pressure, it is becoming increasingly hard for students and young workers to enter the present working world. To avoid breaking down under the enormous demands for perfection, it is important to attain a stable balance between active working time and relaxing hours of leisure.
This thesis explains the phenomenon “performance society”. It questions the foundation, background and consequences of madness for perfection, compulsive needs for control and performance imperative and it gives attention to the relieving compensation through leisure and peace. This analysis shall provide understanding for the reasons and effects of the performance society and the possibilities for a better handling of working and leisure time.

FIFTY_FIVE THINGS. Perfectionism & Procrastination in the Performance Society | Marie-Therese Zieger | Bachelor Thesis | Information Design | Major: Communication Design | Mentoring: Catherine Rollier |

text: from publication “891213″
photos: Marie Zieger