„Das Handbuch“ is a comprehensive encyclopedia on concepts to do with “the hand” in words and pictures. It contains associative visualisations on more than 160 keywords.

“Das Handbuch” is the outcome of a project which students of information design majoring in communication design carried out in their 5th semester at the University of Applied Sciences, FH JOANNEUM. The main topic is the hand – but they were pretty free in their interpretations of the keywords including the term “hand”.

Students were asked to come up with various design solutions exceeding the narrow borders of pure terminology in a creative, associative, unusual and artistic way. And the students proved to have the right touch! Now it’s up to the recipients to encounter these interpretations in an open-minded, humorous and curious way.

The bachelor’s degree programme Information Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Graz gives students the opportunity to major in communication design in their 5th semester. Under supervision of graphic designer Catherine Rollier they produce one publication per year. Up to now, this series includes “Bok Bok Book”, “Ein Stamm und drei Arme” and “fünfSTERN”.

Studiengang Informationsdesign (Hg.)
Das Handbuch
152 Seiten, 13 x 18 cm
Metroverlag Wien

Photo: Lucia Jarosova