Publication: Was Designer verrückt macht | Why Designers go crazy

Corporate video (2) for “Theater im Bahnhof”: Sehr brav!

Corporate video (1) for “Theater im Bahnhof”: Sehr brav!

Klanglicht | Sign Spinning – Human Directionals

Views of China | Hand-drawn animations from Shanghai

A Klanglicht wayfinding system | “see the light”

New METRO Research Project – Kick-off meeting in Rome

„Nature Invasion“ – Information Design students win art competition

RAMS – Film Premiere hosted by David Jablonski

Presentation of the first edition of “Dotter” – the new design magazine

“Gib mir Raum” – final exhibition by the design master students

A virtual way-finding system for Klanglicht Graz

Green Games project in London

Seminar “Branded Protest” mit Klaus Kempenaars

Communication Design Projektarbeit mit Michael Fetz

Symposium “Spatial Turn”: XR, Spatial Design and Holography

IIID Vision Plus Conference – Mexico City. A journey full of colour, people and stories

Seminar “Print Production” im Master Communication Design

Meeting our customer at EuroBlech 2018 in Hannover

Seminar “Project Work 2” mit Oliver Thoman