Learning about Print Production

Lemon to chocolate. Visual identity of a bakery

Detroit: Design Festival & Unesco City of Design 2016

VS-Games Conference Barcelona

Plan B – Der Upcycling Store

Ars Electronica Festival 2016

London Design Biennale 2016

shrooom. die pilzschau

Trade Fair Design Competition

Exhibition Designers at the Rostfest in Eisenerz

Exhibition: Sex Dialogues in Ukraine

Best of Startups 2016: Specialized in Communication, Interaction and Media Design

JamToday presented in Malta

Project work: Projection Mapping

Fit the culture – Connecting Cities Moscow & Graz

New Key Visuals for the airport tower in Graz

Street festival Lendwirbel – Installations “Ein Spielfeld”

Jobs to be done. Lecture by Thomas Fröhlich

Twelve-tone live music. Workshop by Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang

Timur Burbayev – designer at the biggest graphic design studio in Russia