Red Dot Award for Sabrina Öttl

Red Dot Award for Verena Thaller

Red Dot Award for Janina Zumann

Red Dot Award for Christina Hauszer

Red Dot Award for Janine Hugsam, Eva Stern & Patricia Wess

5 RED DOT AWARDS for our Institute

Erase All Kittens becomes #EYA17 Young Digital Champion!

Micro Galleries – Changing the world in small ways

Eduard, der Sammler

Blue. Design of a typeface

Exhibition ‘Underground Images’




Documentation of the ‘Drehbuch’

Soundsculptures. Kymatic in practical use

Designing maps

Procrastination. A malady

Mundart, in Alma vernarrt

What do we see?

Visual journalism

I see what you do not see